About Me

Me, retired

I’m a software developer living in New York. Professionally, I specialise in GIS, in particular using ESRI software. In my spare time, I write all sorts of code for all sorts of platforms, but secretly just wish computers weren’t so damned picky about so many things.

One day I’ll retire to the country and forget about all this computer stuff, taking long walks staring at the moon, catching fish with my monkey feet and sharing a pint with the local grizzlies.

Since my university days, I have been known online as nixta. My old neighbour at college, Gerry Przybyszewski, being from Swindon and a bit of a lad, started calling me Nickster, which just didn’t stick. I made a conscious decision to Gen-X it up a bit or it’d never last. That made the difference between me becoming a cabbie and becoming a software bod.

I’ve had a number of blogs since 1997. This is the first as my official geek persona, Geeknixta. My geek life is very dull to my non-geek friends, just as my non-geek life is very dull to my geek friends and colleagues. This seems to me to be the best of both worlds.

Incidentally, I currently work with ESRI on their EDN Team. Any opinions expressed here are not those of ESRI or the EDN Team. They are my own. If they happen to match up with other opinions, that’s just spiffing, but entirely coincidental.